Ganymede Docs


My Bot is ON but it hasn't entered a trade yet. What can I do?

The first thing to do is to check our Oracle via our Telegram bot
Sometimes the oracle takes time before he can sense a clear trend and send the signal to your bot. If you set your bot on Short and the oracle only senses bullish signals, your bot will stay out of position. If you set your bot on Long and the oracle only senses bearish signals, your bot will stay out of position.
If the Oracle is giving a signal that should trigger your account to trade but no trades are happening stop/start your bot again and wait.
If nothing happens still, contact our CTO on telegram: @Sheelbby

Can I use Subaccounts?

Yes you can use subaccounts and link each subaccount to the bot

The tier program is in US dollars but I pay with $GANY?

Yes, you pay your subscription using our token $GANY. When paying, our telegram bot ask for the corresponding amount of $GANY in US Dollars. This is calculated at the time you want to make the payment. Whatever $GANY price is, you always pay the same amount of Dollars.

What ROI can I expect from the bot?

You must understand that we can't guarantee 100% any ROI. We have collected data from our beta, test account, and users that are using the bot since launch (1st June 2012) so we can provide expected ROI but past results are not predictions of the future results.
The expected MONTHLY ROI are
  • 8-10% in spot
  • 15-18% in low risk
  • 25-30% in medium risk
  • up to 50% in High risk

Can your bot take my money?

No, the bot is trading on your FTX account via a trading API key and can't withdraw any money. We will never have access to your funds!
Because the bot is trading via API on your account, you have full control over your funds at all times, there's no shady practice from us. Your account, your money, your freedom!

Do I need to have my computer always turn On for the bot to trade?

No, the bot is hosted on our server and trade on your account via API so it's working 24/7!

I can't find an answer to my problem here

In this case please ask your question in this telegram group, our technical team will answer it, and your question will be added here if useful for others