Ganymede Docs

How does the Referral program woks?

Our Referral program incentivizes happy users of our service to introduce Ganymede to fellow traders. As a referer, you get rewarded 20% of every transaction your referee makes to our bot to subscribe to a plan. If you referee subscribe monthly for a Gold account, you then get $200 worth of GANY token sent to your BSC wallet.
Every new Bot user must have a referral ID.
You can get one from a current user or use Ganymede's referral number (which won't benefit to anyone): 1861897756
To become a Referrer and get your ID, you now have the option to Share Ganymede
On there, you can see
  • your Rewarded GANY balance. This balance accumulates over the month and gets paid at the end of the month to your BSC wallet.
  • Your Referral ID. This is the number you provide to your Referee
  • The command to enter to update your BSC wallet:
{ ADDRESS_REWARD: '0xD432Eexxxxd0Bdf24' }
Copy/paste the entire line and only replace the bold text with your BSC wallet address.
Thanks for sharing!