Ganymede Docs

How does the bot work

The oracle

The bot 🤖 is driven by our oracle. It's an algorithm that is constantly monitoring the market and analyzing 30 different trading pairs to determine whether they are bullish, bearish, or no clear direction.
Once the oracle has identified a signal it will send it to your bot that will start taking position.
Our oracle in this situation is waiting for bullish or bearish signals.

The ladder system

The bot uses a martingale system called a ladder. It takes a small position and if the market goes in the opposite direction it buys the dip and takes a bigger position so he can exit the trade at a lower price (in this case the bot is longing). Our bot uses 3 ladders and this way can cover a large spread in case there is a huge price movement. The bot is using different algorithms to decide where to take position on the market. These algorithms allow our bot to place buy and sell orders at strategic levels where the price is likely to bounce.
The bot is also using an algorithm to decide the best price to sell avoiding sell or buy wall. There is also a bit of randomness in the selling price to avoid having all our users creating a sell/buy wall.
exemple of the ladder system on ETH