Ganymede Docs

How to Subscribe and link your FTX account?

Here is a step by step video tutorial
STEP 0 : On your first interaction with our Bot, you will requier a valid refferal ID.
If you don't have a referrer you can use Ganymede's ID. If you have a friend using Ganymede you might want to ask for his ID.
For more detail about how our referral program works see the section : referral program
STEP 1 : Open The Telegram bot 🤖 and click on "Subscribe tier program"
STEP 2 : Select Monthly or Yearly Program tier
STEP 3 : Choose which Tier Program you would like to use
STEP 4 : After you chose your preferred tier program, the Bot🤖 will command you to deposit $GANY Token into a specific wallet address. After you paid in $GANY Token, the Bot🤖 will ask you for the TXN transaction ID number for confirmation.
STEP 5 :Copy/Paste the TXN .
STEP 6: Now go to your FTX account and create an API .
STEP 7: Copy/paste your API Key and API secret in the same format the Bot🤖 shows like in the picture below .
STEP 8: Once you are done with your API's , go and click Check account .
That's it! You've just created your account with us! Now you can control the bot and make it trade for you on your FTX account!